Corporate Structuring

Our experience and our international network of entrepreneurs naturally led us to create complex structures for ourselves and our clients.

We advise on a wide range of corporate structuring related projects and specialise in design and implementation of bespoke, compliant incorporations – however complex and challenging our client’s goals may be.

1. We analyse your situation

2. We advise you the solution that best suits your needs

3. We fast track your application with the appropriate government institution

4. We manage day to day administrative tasks for you

5. We follow up bi-yearly to update you on the changing regulations

corporate structuring building

Real Estate Specialist Structuring in the U.S.

Our vehicles are tax-optimized and we offer our clients who own and invest in real estate in the U.S. the opportunity to be structured in the same way as well. In the last ten years we have set up hundreds of LLC’s in the US and have the knowledge to assist you.

E-Commerce Structuring

Specialized in creating the most tax-efficient E-Commerce structures within different countries.


We work with the best specialists in each country from tax lawyers to international law and litigation professionals, to CPA’s from the Big 5 to boutique companies depending on our current projects and we offer you the same network we have spent years to build.