Welcome to the GCG Real Estate Investor Club

With this club, you benefit from privileged opportunities for real estate investment in the U.S.

What are the opportunities?

We are targeting opportunities in real estate with higher exit earnings. Our strategy is to find assets that can be fixed, updated, or entirely renovated.

These types of deals need to meet our selection criteria :

  • High value-added opportunities
  • Return above 25% profitability
  • An execution timeline between 4 and 16 weeks

What is the advantage of these offers?

We offer to our most valued partners an opportunity to earn 50% on the profits of selected opportunities.

gcg investor club 1
gcg investor club 2

Who can become a member of the VIP Club?

We want to give these opportunities to our most regarded investors, those who have already invested a minimum of $250 000 in STIRE or LIP.

What is our added value?

Our team cumulates years of experience in the real estate industry, and we are now focusing our expertise on the United States market. We are investing in markets that we understand and study regularly. Given the versatility of the markets, we are following the trends and then try to anticipate new ones. Our goal with this “Investor Club” is to share our expertise and eagerness to grow our portfolio with established investors who share our values. Thanks to our insights and trusted network, we have access to off-market or distress opportunities. All the aspects of those deals are covered with our partners, from renovation teams to legal and retail partners, which help us to control all the steps of these opportunities.