History of Investments & How to Win Against The Odds

Men and women have always been interested in ways of managing and increasing wealth. One of the fastest and most efficient ways of cultivating wealth is by investing in assets. So, what types of assets can you invest in today? The main options to consider are stocks, bonds, funds, crypto, gold, and real estate. The investment structure itself originated with stock markets.

The Beginning of Investment

The first stock market can be traced back to the 1600s! The Amsterdam Stock Exchange was created in 1602 to trade in shares of the Dutch East India Company – the first company ever to issue stock. After this innovative move, others slowly started to follow suit. By the late 1700s, a group of merchants founded an elite market – the New York Stock Exchange with the Buttonwood Agreement. Why the name? It was simply a rumor that they met under a buttonwood tree! The elitism of these circles would soon begin to shift as the economy prospered and investors flocked to the rising market. In 1929, the stock market crashed but not for long. It gradually restored itself and the introduction of computer data processing in the 1960s sped up the process.

The Beginning of Investment in real estate market

When Did Real Estate Become an Investment?

Housing was the first type of real estate investment to really take off in the US. With the rise of the roaring 20s came financial security and an eagerness to invest in real estate. But as the economy declined, so did the demand for housing. Interest in real estate stayed low until after the end of WWII. Over a decade later – in 1960, Eisenhower signed legislation that made it possible to procure income via the combination of real estate and stock investments. Public interest in housing and real estate investments resurfaced from there. After the housing crash of 2008, the market received a sudden supply of displaced homeowners forced to search for leasing options and many distressed properties. The mortgage rates being as low as they were, the housing market experienced a Renaissance.

When Did Real Estate Become an Investment?

How to Win Against All Odds (With GCG Real Estate)

So, for over 400 years, markets have risen and fallen. Investors of all spheres have faced many ups and downs, many markets have crashed. The question then is – how can you, as an investor, win against all odds if investment markets are so volatile? Why would you even invest your money?

How to Win Against All Odds in Real Estate Market

Well, keeping your savings in a bank isn’t reliable, as inflation shrinks your savings. The safest way to store your capital is through tangible assets. Real estate is among the few assets that isn’t easily devalued and is least susceptible to cultural shifts. Today, any drops in housing and real estate prices are sure to resurge. You can safely invest your money and be confident that you will get significant returns.

Invest with GCG Real Estate

Still in doubt as to what’s the easiest and safest option? Invest with GCG Real Estate – our simplified process will take the edge off you and provide you with security and a chance to procure generational wealth.