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GCG Real Estate investment strategy is based on sustainable investments, revitalizing communities and creating long-term growth and impact.

GCG Real Estate offerings are backed by an in-depth analysis of macro and
microeconomic factors and trends and are substantiated with already proven investment strategies for the U.S. housing market investments.

Purchasing undervalued property in upcoming neighborhoods and investing in the asset and the infrastructure of the community allows us to have a long-term positive impact on the quality of life of tenants, neighborhood visibility, and overall raise asset value.

Our value investing approach doesn’t end with bulk buying and market spikes since we grow the intrinsic value of properties by revitalizing communities. There are no hidden fees written in small letters, and we convey our offerings in a clear, precise, and straightforward manner.

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direct ownership

Direct Ownership

This is a turnkey solution for those who feel most comfortable with tangible assets. GCG Real Estate’s unique Direct Ownership offer contains some of the perks of asset co-owning, such as property management, tax optimization, and tenant screening and management.

private equity

Private Equity

Experienced investors know that the benefits of co-investment opportunities are unexcelled. Our long-term high return Private Equity offer is designed to meet the expectations of the most experienced investors, including economies of scale and diversification.

Why Detroit?

Microsoft, Google, and most IT giants have established regional headquarters in Metropolitan Detroit. Detroit born billionaire Dan Gilbert has invested a total of $5.6 billion in the city.

Why Detroit?

Detroit is one of the highest growing real estate markets in North America and one of the only debt-free cities in the U.S. Today, apart from being a leader of Industry, this city is the new hype place of culture, capital of the Arts and automotive leader in the United States of America.

Why Detroit?

Detroit increasingly appeals to foreign investors, and its urban dynamics attract considerable capital from abroad. Real estate prices are mechanically increasing even though they are largely undervalued, with houses in middle-class residential neighborhoods going for $57,000, and yields of between 9% and 11% net profitability after charges and income tax.