Leveraging the power of the collective

We invest together !

The experience of the board and presence on the ground has given the Group the ability to acquire off-market opportunities which correspond to narrow selection criteria. Partnering with us enables investors to achieve a higher return while mitigating risk through economies of scale, diversification and grounded in analytics. Private equity investment has the best ratio between the time spent on the transaction and what it yields. Indeed, GCG Real Estate takes care of coordinating the whole process of the operation, saving your time and bringing you a strong return on investment. 

Private Equity

The way our Private Equity operates is transparent. We purchase aggressively, renovate and optimize property square footage and fittings, rent to pre-screened tenants and exit at best time to return ratio.
What makes our private equity successful is that we invest in cities that have been undervalued due to economic hits they might have taken in the past. Combined with the fact that we buy in volume, this allows us to buy at a lower price than the average. We have a positive impact on the neighbourhoods in which we invest, because we renovate properties, resulting in revitalization of neighbourhoods. Our investments are fully rented and managed by our property management companies. We ensure our exit at fair market value.

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Discover Our Investments in U.S.

Experienced investors know that the benefits of co-investment opportunities are unexcelled. Our high return Real Estate Private Equity offer in the U.S. is designed to meet the expectations of the most experienced investors, including economies of scale and diversification.