Stronger together

At GCG Real Estate, we understand that wealth management and real estate professionals are finding it increasingly difficult to offer their clients attractive results with a secure return. That’s why we provide a turnkey product with a fully controlled buying and management process.

We first carry out market studies, meet with our local partners (real estate agents, property management companies, lawyers, accountants, banks), and make our first investments. Then we offer our international distributors turnkey real estate investments that meet the expectations of their clients who wish to own a property.

Having our own property management companies in each of the cities in which we invest allows us to obtain a quality and trustworthy relationship with our tenants, but also to guarantee the quality of management that the clients of our partners deserve. This allows our distributors to obtain interesting returns while having a simplified management of the investments made by their clients. Having access to a well managed and transparent product naturally increases the revenue for our distributors and partners.

At GCG Real Estate, we like win-win relationships.

We are currently working with wealth and asset management firms as well as real estate agencies in different parts of the world (Europe, Middle East, Asia, America). Would you like more information on how to become a professional partner?