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Invest in $35 trillion market

The U.S. is the dominant economy of our century, since the 1950’s it has become a political and economical behemoth. In the Global Real Estate market it has provided a transparent and efficient legal and tax framework which has facilitated trillions of dollars in transactions. The US dollar is the dominant currency and investing in tangible assets in USD allows us and our investors to mitigate currency and market volatility risks. We have acquired in the last decade a wealth of knowledge in local US transactions allowing us to have an edge in acquiring and financing real estate properties. Subprime mortgage crisis gave us our first opportunity to explore the US market and since 2010 we have been active in the US in acquiring single family and multi family residential properties.

Discover our Short Term Investments

Experienced investors know that the benefits of co-investment opportunities are unexcelled. Our high return Real Estate Private Equity offer in different cities in the U.S. is designed to meet the expectations of the most experienced investors, including economies of scale and diversification.

Discover our Long Term Investments

Our long-term investment opportunity is based on a defensive asset class and allows us to better withstand market fluctuations. This type of investment is suitable for experienced investors who wish to diversify.

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