How To Go From 60k To 470k

In 8 Months In US Real Estate

US Real Estate Strategy
Value add, Arbitrage


17:05 UTC Opening note by Peter Ivantsov, GCG Real Estate Founder

17:15 UTC “How we made 270% return in 8 months” by Vincent Ribes, GCG Real Estate COO

17:25 UTC Question and Answers

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Growing from $60k to $470k from January 2021 to August 2021

GCG Real Estate - Growth on Investment 2021

We invite you to take a deeper dive on the usage of investment funds – when, where and how the funds are utilized for the best understanding of the process, to build a transparent and mutually benefiting investor relationship.

Here is a glimpse of our transactions


USA – Michigan – Detroit


Price arbitrage’ with 24 hour no-risk deals with 0 down payment and 50%-124% returns in a day

15641 Wisconsin


US$ 20,515.98


US$ 36,493.96


US$ 15,977.98

Profit %


Proof of Transaction

Purchase closing Wisconsin:

Sale closing Wisconsin:

peter ivanstov

Peter Ivanstov

Owner of Global Capital Group, ex-HSBC and family office banking professional specializing in Investment Management.
vincent ribes

Vincent Ribes

GCG Real Estate COO
Asset management and analytics expert in SFR and MFR market. Managing and executing real estate strategies in the US from California to Michigan.

GCG Real Estate

The Pioneer in Real Estate Investment

GCG Real Estate is a real estate investment company based out of Dubai with a focus on single family and multifamily residential real estate spaces in the US. With 3 strategic investment opportunities of the short-, mid- and long-term investment, GCG offers the best deals to its community of investors who participate alongside them in all the projects.